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Modern Revenue by (SaaS Podcast)

10 Reasons Why Modern Revenue (SaaS Podcast) is Your SaaS Success Playbook

This is why…

  1. Discover the strategies used by the top 1% of SaaS companies to crack the code of hyper-growth.
  2. Learn battle-tested SaaS playbooks to win more deals and avoid costly mistakes.
  3. Outsmart your competition by exploiting emerging SaaS trends first.
  4. Get the secrets of high-converting sales teams and close bigger SaaS deals faster.
  5. Get actionable SaaS strategies you can use today – no fluff, just results.
  6. Tap into a powerful network of SaaS leaders, potential partners, and mentors.
  7. Master data-driven decision-making to optimize your sales and marketing for maximum ROI.
  8. Cut through the buzzwords and focus on the proven fundamentals of SaaS success.
  9. Tune in for a constant source of inspiration, new ideas, and the energy to overcome any SaaS challenge.
  10. In the cutthroat SaaS world, you can’t afford to miss out – Modern Revenue is your competitive edge.

Kickstart your profitable SaaS journey. Gain the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools for success.

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About Modern Revenue by Udit Goenka (SaaS Podcast)

Tired of chasing the same outdated SaaS growth tactics as your competitors?

Modern Revenue is your exclusive pass to the strategies the top 1% of SaaS businesses don’t want you to know.

Hosted by industry insider Udit Goenka, Modern Revenue reveals the secrets behind explosive revenue growth, cutting-edge sales techniques, and the data-driven strategies that leave competitors in the dust.

Each episode unlocks:

  • The “Viral Growth Hacks” fueling hyper-growth SaaS startups.
  • Sales strategies top closers use to shatter their quotas (and how you can steal them).
  • Disruptive SaaS trends you MUST capitalize on before it’s too late.
  • Real-world blueprints of how million-dollar SaaS exits are built.

Warning: Missing out on Modern Revenue means risking your SaaS business falling behind. If you’re serious about scaling, this is THE podcast you can’t afford to ignore.

Your SaaS Business Is Bleeding Revenue

If you’re nodding along to any of these, Modern Revenue is your emergency lifeline:

  • Your sales team talks a lot but closes too little. You know there’s potential, but the deals aren’t flowing like they should.
  • Growth feels chaotic and unpredictable. You’re hitting some targets but lack a consistent, scalable growth engine.
  • Data makes your head spin. You have analytics, but they aren’t translating into profitable decisions.
  • You’re constantly playing catch-up. New SaaS trends emerge, and you’re scrambling to keep up, let alone get ahead.
  • The “SaaS gurus” are selling you dreams, not results. You’re tired of fluff and ready for a no-nonsense roadmap to success.

Modern Revenue tackles these critical points head-on.

We don’t just talk theory; we deliver proven strategies, actionable steps, and the inside scoop you won’t find anywhere else.

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We’re exposing the closely guarded tactics they’ve used to amass millions, and they’re not happy about it.

Each episode could be our last.

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Who is Udit Goenka?

Angel Investor. Growth Strategist. Helped clients generate millions in sales and achieve explosive revenue growth. Let’s transform your SaaS.

I’m Udit Goenka. A growth strategist with a proven track record of helping founders build streamlined, automated businesses that attract investors.

My clients, like (featured on Shark Tank India!), Scalenut,, Sketchnote and others, have achieved impressive results using my strategies.

I currently run PitchGround,, TinyCheque and

Let’s transform your SaaS into a growth machine.

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