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Hi, I’m Udit 👋
Your SaaS Growth Consultant

I help struggling SaaS founders build automated systems that generate leads, onboard customers, raise capital and drive 2x-5x revenue in 12 months.

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I’m an angel investor and growth strategist with a passion for seeing SaaS startups succeed.

My track record includes helping clients like Intervue.io, (featured on Shark Tank India Season 3!), VirusDie (generated over a million dollar), Scalenut (generated over $400,000 in sales just 3 months), Lightfunnels (generared over $200,000 in just 10 days) just a few examples of the success stories I’ve helped create. achieve explosive growth.

I’ve generated over $14 million in sales for SaaS compaies on my SaaS marketplace, PitchGround.com

Over 17% of my clients have successfully raised capital, and I’ve personally invested in 36 promising startups.

Think of me as the secret weapon for building a lean, automated business that makes investors take notice. I provide actionable blueprints and the mindset shifts that unlock sustainable, investor-ready growth.

I’ve helped clients achieve 2x-15x revenue growth in as little as 6-12 months. I draw upon the best strategies from business, tech, and psychology to create step-by-step blueprints that drive tangible results.

My writing helps SaaS founders build streamlined, scalable businesses.

Here’s a sample of topics I cover…

  • Automated Lead Generation: Stop chasing leads manually and build a system that attracts and converts ideal clients on autopilot.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Eliminate time-wasting tasks and create efficient processes that free up your focus for strategic growth.
  • Build for Sustainable Scaling: Set up your marketing and operations infrastructure to support rapid growth without endless hiring.
  • Data-Driven Growth Strategies: Make informed decisions based on insights, not guesswork, to accelerate your results.
  • Goal-Focused Execution: Implement proven methods for staying on track, maximizing productivity, and achieving ambitious goals.
  • Investor-Ready Growth Strategies: Position your SaaS for funding success with data-driven insights and compelling growth plans.

As an angel investor & SaaS Founder myself who has done it multiple times, I understand what it takes to build a successful SaaS business.

My goal is to simplify growth strategies for busy SaaS founders.

I distill proven tactics from the best minds across business, tech, and psychology – so you don’t have to spend endless hours on research. It’s about giving you actionable blueprints that save time and accelerate your results.

After helping clients like Intervue.io (featured on Shark Tank India!), Scalenut, and others achieve growth which led many to secure funding, I know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t in SaaS industry.

My focus is on turning complex concepts into step-by-step growth playbooks.

You can start by reading my articles or check out my personal brand GPT.


Sick of ‘products’ that NEVER work? I’ll end the madness with strategies that deliver 5X, 10X, even 15X your revenue. Get the details. (I personally use all my products on a daily basis..so if works for me, I guarantee, it will work for you too..)

Personal Brand GPT

Tired of your personal brand getting lost in the noise? Imagine having an AI sidekick that writes killer content in YOUR voice, boosting your visibility and attracting your dream audience.

Personal Brand GPT is your unfair advantage. Get magnetic social posts, compelling articles, and more – all done in minutes. Act fast, this exclusive offer won’t last long!


Get a market-ready MVP built with zero risk – money-back guaranteepen_spark

Your SaaS Idea Deserves a Launch, Not a Flop

Introducing…MVP As A Service

We know what it’s like… pouring everything into a SaaS dream, only to see it fall flat. Bad code, misaligned features, wasted investment. It’s enough to make you quit.

That’s why I offer MVP-as-a-service. It’s your safety net. We’ll nail the strategy, build a killer MVP, and launch. If it doesn’t land with your audience? You get your money back. Simple, stress-free validation.

The ‘Overnight’ SaaS Success Secret…

The SaaS Playbook You Always Wanted

Learn how to sell, automate, market, grow, and build SaaS with my weekly journey…

Secret sauce

Here is my secret sauce to growing any SaaS…

“A good story helps you sell, but a great product helps you retain.”

Udit Goenka Founder & CEO of PitchGround.com, Firstsales.io, TinyCheque and udit.co
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Let’s work on both…

Tired of scrambling for leads and drowning in manual work?

Imagine streamlined onboarding, consistent lead flow, right brand positioning, personal branding and a clear path to explosive growth.


Haunted by Failure? Your SaaS Potential Trapped in the Mud.

  • No clear plan, team struggles to get things done.
  • Not enough leads, sales slow and unpredictable.
  • Customers confused, leaving before they even start.
  • Your SaaS gets lost, no one knows what you offer.
  • No proven way to grow, progress feels impossible.
  • Sales messages fail, neither customeres or investors see any value..
  • Team costs high, but you’re not getting results.
  • Feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next.


$1M ARR and Beyond – Optimized, Scalable, Growth-Driven. The Proven Path from Startup Struggle to Growth Powerhouse

  • Streamlined systems make your team unstoppable.
  • Leads flow in steadily, sales become predictable.
  • Customers onboard smoothly, and stick around.
  • Your SaaS stands out, value clear to everyone.
  • Proven strategies drive growth, scaling is exciting.
  • Sales messages win customers, funding secured.
  • Team delivers maximum impact, profits climb.
  • Clear path forward, confident in your future.

Serious about scaling your SaaS and attracting investors? Let’s talk.

Book a call to discuss how I can help you streamline your business for explosive growth.

About me

Hi I’m Udit Goenka

  • Angel investor in 36 startups.
  • Made 6 exits from the startups I have invested in.
  • One of the well-known figures in the Indian SaaS ecosystem.
  • 5x founder with two successful exits. Currently running PitchGround, Firstsales, TinyCheque and udit.co (my personal brand).
  • 90,000+ social media followers, including top VCs, angel investors, founders, CXOs and more.
  • Helped hundreds of SaaS companies.
  • Generated over $14M in revenue for SaaS companies I have worked with on their 0-1 journey.

Book a Call with me if…

  • If you have a marketing and sales budget of $250 or more per week, or have earned over $1,000 in MRR. I love working with early stage SaaS startups.
  • Think of me as a fractional CMO.
  • Let me make independent decision marketing and sales, remember, I am on your side.
  • Serious about growing your SaaS and implementing all my strategies.
  • Looking to potentially raise funds in the future.
  • Have the bandwidth to implement all my strategies.
  • If you need help finding a product-market fit.
  • If you want to build a product-driven growth SaaS company.


I primarily focus on helping SaaS founders build sustainable growth. I also have experience working with D2C (still actively consulting)& Real Estate in the past.

Whether you’re pre-launch, just starting to gain traction, or scaling an established SaaS, I have strategies tailored to your specific challenges and goals provided you have the required budget mentioned above.

I focus on automation, streamlining operations, and leveraging data to drive profitable, predictable growth without endless hiring or manual labor. I’m not just about theory – I deliver actionable blueprints! Not only that, I run one of the largest SaaS marketplaces in India, run my own SaaS and also run a venture studio known as TinyCheque where we fund emerging SaaS startups and help them fuel growth.

Absolutely. I break down complex tech and software strategies into easy-to-follow steps. My aim is to simplify tech implementation and empower you to automate without needing a large development team.

Yes! I helped Intervue.io get featured on Shark Tank India, boosted Scalenut’s sales by over $400,000 in just three months, etc.

While I can’t guarantee specific results because the implementation part is up to you and your team, I am committed to providing actionable strategies and guidance. My success is based on helping you succeed.

My newsletter delivers weekly insights on growth automation, lead generation strategies, streamlining SaaS operations, and data-driven tactics for scaling. I also share exclusive tips for building an investor-ready business.

It starts with a strategy call to understand your unique challenges and goals. From there, I tailor a plan using my proven growth frameworks to get you the results you need.

Yes, I offer options to fit various needs and budgets. To find the best fit, please book a consultation call.