Who is Udit Goenka?

Angel Investor. Growth Strategist. Helped clients generate millions in sales and achieve explosive revenue growth. Let’s transform your SaaS.

I’m Udit Goenka. A growth strategist with a proven track record of helping founders build streamlined, automated businesses that attract investors.

My clients, like Intervue.io (featured on Shark Tank India!), Scalenut, We360.ai, Sketchnote and others, have achieved impressive results using my strategies.

I currently run PitchGround, Firstsales.io, TinyCheque and udit.co.

Let’s transform your SaaS into a growth machine.

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How my work will benefit you

I’m obsessed with helping SaaS founders build streamlined, scalable businesses. My central focus is, “How can we achieve explosive growth without endless overwhelm?”

My goal is to simplify the complex world of SaaS growth. I distill the best strategies from business, tech, and psychology into actionable steps you can implement right away.

My writing focuses on topics like…

  • Automated Lead Generation: Attract and convert ideal clients on autopilot.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Eliminate time-wasting tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Build for Sustainable Scaling: Set up the systems to support rapid growth.
  • Investor-Ready Growth Strategies: Position your SaaS for funding success.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Turn insights into high-impact action.

My strategies come from my experience helping clients achieve remarkable growth and secure funding.

As an angel investor myself, I understand what it takes to build a truly successful SaaS.

My Story..

My journey into growth strategy started at 16 as a self-taught designer.

Driven by curiosity, I ventured into web development and launched my first successful WordPress security product.

This early win taught me the power of solving real problems and fueled my passion for building scalable businesses.

The Learning Curve:

From founding Power Up Hosting to scaling an innovative PBN platform, I gained invaluable experience in operations, team building, and adapting to market shifts.

However, it was the failure of my third startup that became a turning point.

This setback taught me critical lessons about strategy and execution, ultimately giving birth to my most successful venture: PitchGround.

The Rise of PitchGround

Recognizing the high failure rate in the SaaS market, I co-founded PitchGround with the vision to help early-stage startups succeed.

We’ve achieved over $14m in sales as a bootstrapped company, and I’m incredibly proud of our track record: over 80% of the companies launched on our platform are seeing success, with 15% raising significant capital.

Along the way, I embraced a 3P philosophy – Product, People, and Pricing – a framework I believe is essential to achieving product-market fit.

Giving Back and Paying it Forward

My experiences inspired me to become an angel investor, allowing me to support and mentor promising startups.

Having experienced both failures and victories, I’m driven to help fellow entrepreneurs navigate their growth journeys.

That passion led me to rebuild my earlier failed venture, FirstSales.io, which is now a thriving business achieving around half a million dollar in ARR.

My Mission

I’m obsessed with helping SaaS founders avoid the pitfalls I’ve encountered.

My goal is to simplify growth strategies, distilling lessons from my own entrepreneurial journey, industry insights, and best practices into actionable blueprints.

Whether you’re focused on securing funding, streamlining operations, or driving leads, I’m ready to share the strategies that have fueled my own success and that of my clients.

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About me

Hi I’m Udit Goenka

  • Angel investor in 36 startups.
  • Made 6 exits from the startups I have invested in.
  • One of the well-known figures in the Indian SaaS ecosystem.
  • 5x founder with two successful exits. Currently running PitchGround, Firstsales, TinyCheque and udit.co (my personal brand).
  • 90,000+ social media followers, including top VCs, angel investors, founders, CXOs and more.
  • Helped hundreds of SaaS companies.
  • Generated over $14M in revenue for SaaS companies I have worked with on their 0-1 journey.

Book a Call with me if…

  • If you have a marketing and sales budget of $250 or more per week, or have earned over $1,000 in MRR. I love working with early stage SaaS startups.
  • Think of me as a fractional CMO.
  • Let me make independent decision marketing and sales, remember, I am on your side.
  • Serious about growing your SaaS and implementing all my strategies.
  • Looking to potentially raise funds in the future.
  • Have the bandwidth to implement all my strategies.
  • If you need help finding a product-market fit.
  • If you want to build a product-driven growth SaaS company.


I primarily focus on helping SaaS founders build sustainable growth. I also have experience working with D2C (still actively consulting)& Real Estate in the past.

Whether you’re pre-launch, just starting to gain traction, or scaling an established SaaS, I have strategies tailored to your specific challenges and goals provided you have the required budget mentioned above.

I focus on automation, streamlining operations, and leveraging data to drive profitable, predictable growth without endless hiring or manual labor. I’m not just about theory – I deliver actionable blueprints! Not only that, I run one of the largest SaaS marketplaces in India, run my own SaaS and also run a venture studio known as TinyCheque where we fund emerging SaaS startups and help them fuel growth.

Absolutely. I break down complex tech and software strategies into easy-to-follow steps. My aim is to simplify tech implementation and empower you to automate without needing a large development team.

Yes! I helped Intervue.io get featured on Shark Tank India, boosted Scalenut’s sales by over $400,000 in just three months, etc.

While I can’t guarantee specific results because the implementation part is up to you and your team, I am committed to providing actionable strategies and guidance. My success is based on helping you succeed.

My newsletter delivers weekly insights on growth automation, lead generation strategies, streamlining SaaS operations, and data-driven tactics for scaling. I also share exclusive tips for building an investor-ready business.

It starts with a strategy call to understand your unique challenges and goals. From there, I tailor a plan using my proven growth frameworks to get you the results you need.

Yes, I offer options to fit various needs and budgets. To find the best fit, please book a consultation call.